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Canción de Medianoche

Posted in Autora, Canciones with tags , , on marzo 14, 2010 by Bianca Olivier

Claudia Gray actualiza para contarnos que seanan_mcguire, una agency-mate cuyo maravilloso libro Rosemary and Rue se estrena en septiembre, decidió que la Academia Medianoche necesitaba una canción, y que a ¡Claudia le encanta! Y la ilustración es perfecta.

A continuación os dejo la canción y la ilustración:

The Evernight Alma Mater.

Your looming windows watch the night
Like blind and angry eyes,
Your judgment falls on each of us
As from your steps we rise.

Dear Evernight, with pride we come
To learn what you impart,
We pray that you will let us live,
Though you don’t have a heart—

Your uniforms are well-designed
To make the bloodstains blend,
And what we learn to shatter here
We also learn to mend.

Dear Evernight, your hallowed halls
Will teach us how to thrive,
And those of us who graduate
Are lucky to survive!

Dear Evernight, so tall and proud
And spookily you stand
Like something from a horror film
That lays waste to the land.